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   In November 2005, United Imatek(Qingdao)Co., Ltd. settled here. In September 2006, it produced the earliest microporous inkjet printing photo paper in China. At present, United Imatek(Qingdao)Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of waterproof inkjet printing photo papers in China with a market share of over 50%. With coating technology as the core, the products involve imaging, advertising, printing, packaging, medical and other fields.

United Imatek(Qingdao)Co., Ltd. positioned itself as a professional coating company. Relying on advanced dispersion and coating technology, it provides OEM production services to more than 100 brands worldwide. Currently, the company has a laminating line and three advanced coating lines, with an annual production capacity of 30 million square meters.

  Since established, with the concept of "innovation, confidence and trust, to the best", management policy of leading technology and excellent quality, United Imatek(Qingdao)Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development of new technologies and new products, set up the strongest professional technology research and development institution in China, and established long-term cooperative relationship with Qingdao University of Science and Technology, and has carried out a series of researches. At present, the company has applied for 12 invention patents, 8 of which has obtained authorizations. In 2016, it was recognized as a “national high-tech enterprise”.

      At present, United Imatek(Qingdao)Co., Ltd. has nano-microporous coating, eco- solvent, swellable coating and other coating technologies, covering digital imaging, medical imaging, printing plate making, art reproduction, decorative building materials, packaging labels and other fields. Nano-waterproof photographic paper and other products have reached the advanced international level, with a market share of more than 50% in China, and exported to more than 30 major countries and regions in the world.

      No pain no gain.

      United Imatek(Qingdao) ushered in the fruitful achievements today, but the results are only the starting point for us to move towards better goals.

United Imatek(Qingdao) is rushing to a higher level. On the journey of building a “hundred-year-old shop”, we are steadily moving forward step by step.




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